ESA will pay $ 19,000 to a volunteer who is willing to lie in bed for two months

The German Aerospace Center, as part of the European Space Agency, is looking for a candidate to participate in a new experiment on prolonged sleep in zero gravity. To do this, the subject will be placed in a special centrifuge for 60 days and will be comprehensively studied. For a reward of almost $ 19, 000, you just have to lie. True, everything else is, in fact, prohibited.

This is not entertainment, but an extremely unpleasant, on the verge of tolerance, scientific and medical experience. It is known that weightlessness negatively affects the human body, so it is very important for scientists to study exactly how this happens in order to learn how to resist its effects. Unlike astronauts on the ISS, an experiment on Earth can be stopped at any time, plus there is no obvious threat to life, and therefore you can dare to approach the very edge of human endurance. And even step over it - if there is a volunteer.

The woman will have to spend 60 days in bed inside an individual capsule. You can't get out, even warm up and do exercises - a problem. Sleep, shower, toilet, eating, taking tests, playing sports, absolutely everything you have to do in bed. There is no choice and no chance to influence the experimenters, you have to follow their commands and even eat only what the nutritionists suggest.

In total, 12 women and the same number of men should take part in the experiment, but they decided to start with women, because they are more hardy. And more capricious - personal behavioral features will also be taken into account during testing. Requirements for candidates are simple: age up to 55 years, be healthy, speak German and be able to spend two months in a laboratory near Cologne, from September to December 2019.