Developed a transparent material that will allow robots to regenerate

One of the main characters in the sci-fi movie series "X-Men" - Wolverine, as you know, had the unique ability to regenerate damaged tissue within a few seconds. A group of researchers at the University of California Riverside has developed a material with similar properties. The novelty can come in handy when creating a new generation of robots.

It is a transparent, elastic and electrically conductive material. According to engineers, it can be used to create artificial muscles that are not afraid of damage, to extend the life of batteries, as well as improve biosensors in medicine.

Notched and regenerated specimens

As is often the case, the clue came from nature, which endowed many animals with the ability to quickly heal wounds. The main problem was to ensure the stability and reversibility of the material under electrochemical action. Scientists managed to solve this problem using the mechanism of ion-dipole interactions.

These forces arise between charged ions and polar molecules, which are very stable in electrochemical reactions. This allows the material to stretch up to 50 times its original length. And if you cut it into pieces and put it back together, then it will fully recover in 24 hours at room temperature.