There is such a job: check high-voltage transmission lines from a helicopter

Tired at the office today? Then look at one of the most extreme jobs in the world, where technicians have to test high-voltage power lines while tethered to a helicopter.

The naked eye can see that this job will require nerves of steel. And also - a high-class pilot, calm weather and impeccable compliance with electrical safety rules.

The technician's suit is 75% Nomex refractory material. The remaining 25% comes from stainless steel strands, which ultimately creates a Faraday cage around a person.

Dozens and even hundreds of kilovolts are "at stake"

Most likely, for most of us all the knowledge about electricity from the course of school and university physics will not be useful. However, if you are going to start checking high-voltage power lines from a helicopter in the future, you cannot do without this knowledge.