China learns to remove garbage from power lines with a terrible laser cannon

A few months ago, in a province in China, workers used a commercial multicopter to remove debris from high-voltage wires without putting lives at risk. This is a big breakthrough - power lines, like everything in this world, need regular cleaning, but cleaning them has always created a lot of difficulties. Therefore, in China, they thought and proposed a very radical method.

The technology is military, but deliberately degraded, degraded, so that people with harmful thoughts do not want to steal the gun and use it for evil purposes. It's really scary - it's a kilowatt CO2 laser that requires a powerful energy source and a bulky cooling unit. The beam heats up, literally burns the debris hanging on the power lines, coping with paper and many types of plastic.

According to rumors, the prototype of the cannon had such terrible side effects that special spacesuits were used to work with it, and the slightest hole in the protection threatened the person with death. The new version is more humane, but no one undertakes to predict what will become of the poor fellow or a foreign object that will be in the path of the laser beam. The cannon can shoot in any direction you point it, but you need to aim very carefully and it is difficult to imagine how to use it in densely built-up areas.

Another risk factor is that the laser beam can catch on an aircraft that is flying so high that the gun operator will simply not notice it. It is unlikely that this will shoot down an air machine, as an air defense laser shoots down a missile, but it can create serious problems if the pilot gets under the radiation. Even a toy laser pointer is recognized as dangerous for pilots, let alone a kilowatt laser. But in the sky, on the trajectory of the ray, there may be other objects.