First case of death from vaping recorded in the USA

Illinois-based US medical officials refuse to divulge any information about the man, whom the media speaks of as "the first vaping victim in history." The fact of his death was confirmed, and the fact that we are talking about an adult American who really often used vaping. As in 193 more recorded cases - so many patients with a mysterious lung disease are now in American hospitals.

Very little is known about the new disease, only the connection with vaping is obvious, to which all victims admitted. The worst situation is precisely in Illinois, where the number of cases doubled in a week. In general, the geography of the disease is extensive and includes cases in 22 states. Symptoms are simple, but frightening: first, shortness of breath and cough, then strange fatigue sets in, and then suddenly vomiting and diarrhea begin, until the person weakens to complete immobility.

The most difficult thing at this stage is collecting information. The sick smoked dozens of different mixtures from different suppliers, plus they used homemade compounds, and at least a third admitted that they often added marijuana to them. All this fits perfectly into the big picture - poisoning due to dangerous impurities when smoking. But what exactly should the police look for, from what to try to protect other smokers?

Also, doctors doubt that they are really observing some new disease, common to all cases. On the other hand, how to explain that a month ago no one was sick, and after all, vaping in the United States has been used for many years now? According to data for 2018, about 3.6 million college students regularly use vaping. And among the sick now, the majority are just adolescents and young people.