A pest beetle will help in the fight against ragweed

Ambrosia wormwood rightfully belongs to the "laurels" of one of the most ruthless allergens, from which millions of people suffer. At one time, this weed originally from North America, thanks to its unique unpretentiousness, fertility and vitality, managed to spread literally all over the planet.

Just imagine that individual individuals produce up to 150, 000 seeds, which can be stored for 40 years in anticipation of favorable growth conditions. All the numerous attempts of scientists to defeat the insidious weed, including with the help of herbicides, had one result - ragweed became even stronger.

A group of scientists from the University of Friborg, headed by Professor Heinz Müller-Scherer, came up with the idea to use its natural enemies to combat ambrosia. The choice fell on the leaf beetle Ophraella communa after the thickets of the ill-fated weed destroyed by it were discovered in the Swiss canton of Ticino.

The leaf beetle is also a native of North America, and in Europe it was, most likely, "passing" from China. Thus, scientists, and indeed the whole of humanity, received a unique chance to effectively fight an insidious allergen. It remains only to make sure that Ophraella communa will not destroy beneficial plants.