De Beers starts selling super-cheap artificial diamonds

The global polished diamond market froze in anticipation of global changes: the world's largest diamond mining company, De Beers, which accounts for almost a third of the world's natural diamonds, will start selling their artificial counterparts in September this year, which will cost significantly less. According to experts, prices that have developed in the market over the past decades will "fly away" down.

The sale of artificial diamonds under the Lightbox brand will be handled by De Beers' subsidiary, a new company, Lightbox Jewelry. Some prices are already known. So, a product weighing a quarter of a carat will cost the buyer $ 200, respectively, 1 carat - $ 800. For comparison, today an artificial diamond with such a weight costs 4000, and its natural "brother" - 8000 dollars.

By the way, artificial diamonds, thanks to modern technologies, have practically the same physical and chemical characteristics as those created by nature. Moreover, today special equipment is required to distinguish them from each other.

Lightbox Jewelry will join the list of global artificial diamond companies. Among them are the Diamond Foundry (USA) and the Russian New Diamond Technologies.