First batch of tablets to be 3D printed in USA

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the release of certain types of medical products using 3D printing technology. Among them, in particular, there were dentures, the Spritam drug developed by

Aprecia Pharmaceuticals for patients suffering from epileptic seizures, as well as narcotic drugs in certain dosages.

Aprecia has developed a special technology - ZipDose, which makes it possible to produce tablets that are easy to swallow. Using the 3D platform, Aprecia Pharmaceuticals will be able to package up to 1, 000 milligrams into individual tablets. Once taken, they dissolve just like all other medicines.

Tablet printing technology is practically no different from the production of other items - layer by layer. 3D printing gives healthcare professionals one very important advantage - the ability to adjust the dose of the drug for a particular patient using simple software settings.