Immersis projector turns a room into virtual reality

Virtual reality opens up access to what in reality is not yet available to humans. You can, for example, fly like a bird, fight insidious aliens who decided to enslave the Earth, or find yourself in the thick of the battle at Waterloo.

Recently, more and more new generation game consoles and electronic devices have appeared. A striking example of this is the Oculus Rift virtual reality helmet. Another novelty is no less interesting - the Immersis projector, which demonstrates a panoramic image of a completely different level.

The Immersis projector is reminiscent of the Pixar / tripod hybrid featured in the War of the Worlds movie. Its main element is a lens, somewhat reminiscent of a huge fisheye, "scattering" projection beams 180 degrees, which turns the entire space of the room into a display.

The main feature is that the image is not affected by various objects in the room and irregularities - the corners between walls, ceiling and floors. In short, the entire space is perceived as a screen. To achieve this effect, you must first create a 3D model of the room where the projector will be installed.

The projector developer, Catopsis, needs at least $ 100, 000 to successfully implement his project. If at least by the summer of this year the money will be found, then in October the projector can already be purchased for 2.5 thousand dollars.