Nokia has learned to charge smartphones with a lightning strike

Modern mobile devices run on built-in rechargeable batteries, which can be charged either from a wall outlet or from other alternative power sources and portable batteries. And the company Nokia proved that it is possible to charge gadgets from a lightning discharge, and much faster.

The engineers of the Finnish company Nokia, together with scientists from the University of Southampton, conducted an unusual experiment, during which they managed to charge the new Nokia Lumia 925 smartphone with a lightning strike. The lightning was created by scientists in the laboratory - they passed 200, 000 volts through a gap of 300 mm. By passing the charge through the second transformer, Nokia's circuitry independently stabilized the noisy signal, and the battery was fully charged in just a few seconds.

Experts warn users that repeating such an experiment is dangerous to life and health. They also note that this successful experiment will allow them to develop new types of charging for mobile devices.