Automatic beer pump will make you do without a bartender

UK pubs and bars are gearing up for Christmas, which, as usual, will be accompanied by a huge influx of customers. To speed up the service process, Barclaycard offered a new product - a unique Pay @ Pump beer pump, which allows the customer to fill a mug on their own and very quickly and immediately pay with a contactless card, spending 1 minute. Now, on average, the process of waiting for the coveted Christmas mug of beer takes 12 minutes.

“I am sure that the service process is drastically slowed down when a person orders the most complex cocktail or 10 glasses of beer for his company. - explains Tami Hargreaves, Commercial Director of Barclaycard. “When we learned that long waiting times are one of the biggest challenges for customers, we decided to help them by offering a simple solution.”

The prototype pump has a touch screen from which you can order a drink. Then, using a contactless card or other payment device, make a payment, after which you can substitute a mug under the tap. A special sensor detects glass and immediately starts the pump.

The pump is currently set for ale, but it can also be adapted for any other beverage. Representatives of the manufacturing company assure that the whole process will take no more than a minute, provided ... that there is no queue to the pump itself.

The Pay @ Pump was unveiled and tested this week at Henry's Café Bar in London's Piccadilly Circus.