Mexican scientists develop safe biodegradable plastic from cactus juice

Scientists at the Atemayak Valley University (Mexico) have developed an alternative to traditional plastics, the waste of which has already become a huge problem for the planet's ecology.

The university team has developed a plastic based on the juice of cactus leaves, which decomposes in soil within a month, and in water within days from the date of manufacture. This means that, once in the waters of the world's oceans, it will either become food for marine animals or completely dissolve without causing any harm to the environment.

According to project manager Sandra Pasco Ortiz, "all the materials we create can be used as food by both humans and animals."

Currently, the technology for the production of cactus plastic is being tested in laboratory conditions. Now its production cycle is 10 days. According to Sandra Ortiz, the process can be accelerated enough so that the new material can compete with traditional plastic - for this it is necessary to transfer the technology to mass industrial production.