Mui has unveiled a smart wood block - and it has already won a CES award

Startup Mui first "lit up" at the end of 2017, raised the amount necessary for production during 2018 and is now triumphantly marching through the CES-2019 exhibition. This is no exaggeration - the gadget has already received the CES Innovation Award for Best Design. And all because it looks, and in its essence is just a wooden block.

The conceptual device was based on the idea of ​​making something high-tech, but invisible in any interior. Even the word "Mui" itself can be translated from Japanese as "something quiet and hidden." And so it happened - although in fact this is a kind of interface for controlling a smart home or office. However, in passive mode, Mui looks like a designer interior decoration - today natural, natural ingredients are in fashion.

Mui has a touchscreen, but no microphone or speakers, so it cannot pick up voice commands, play music, or maintain dialogue. To control it, you have to walk up to the wall in the old fashioned way and manually issue commands - but the input system is so beautifully set up that it seems as if glowing letters appear right on the rough wooden surface. Mui isn't very smart on its own, but it does support IFTTT technology, which can control everything from thermostats to Spotify.

There is also support for Google Assistant, which promises the expansion of Mui functionality in the future. Then it will cost $ 999, but the date of the start of sales is not yet known. Now the accessory can only be obtained by sponsors of the startup at a price of $ 549.