Hackers fight ISIS

In July, several messages appeared on Twitter from an account allegedly belonging to ISIS, threatening a terrorist attack in a resort in Tunisia. The information deserved the closest attention, since the terrorists had shot 38 people on the beach a month before.

Perhaps the information would have gone unnoticed if it had not been for a hacker community called the Ghost Security Group, which had been closely monitoring a suspicious account on a popular social network for a month. As a result, several high-ranking ISIS members were identified among the followers of this account.

Members of the hacker community are former intelligence officers and experts in the field of computer technology. However, Ghost Security Group members needed an intermediary to bring the valuable information they received to the attention of the authorities.

Soon, through the same Twitter, they reached out to Michael Smith, an expert on the fight against terrorism and at the same time a security adviser to the US Congress. He passed on such important information to the relevant special services. As a result of the investigation, more than a dozen dangerous terrorists were neutralized.

Another better-known and larger hacker group, Anonymous, has also declared war on ISIS and claims to have already disabled several of the terrorist's Twitter accounts.