Cherokee Indians Bring Sacred Seeds of Their Tribe to the Doomsday Vault

The Cherokee Nation, the official organization of the Cherokee tribe unification, was given the rights and privilege of the first indigenous people in North America to contribute to the genetic seed storage in Svalbard. Also known as the Doomsday Vault, this special facility can store 2.5 billion seeds indefinitely for future generations. Now it is at the stage of filling, after the formation of the main fund, various ethnic, political and agro-technical structures receive the right to make their own, unique contribution.

In the case of the Cherokee, on behalf of the 370, 000 living members of this tribe, sacred gifts will be sent to the storage - the seeds of ancient plant varieties that became cult for this nation long before the first European travelers landed on the continent. These are samples of a selection that was carried out thousands of years ago and since then the plants have practically not undergone any changes. The Indians did not need huge harvests, and therefore they carried out breeding work slowly, unlike the Europeans.

Cherokee White Eagle Corn

In the list of seeds to be transferred, there is "White Eagle Corn" - the fruit that is used in the ceremonies of the tribe. It also includes Long Juicy Cherokee Beans, Tear Trail Beans, Black Turkey Stomach Beans, and Sweet Cherokee Zucchini. According to the Cherokee belief, as long as the tribe has its sacred plants, it will live in spite of everything.

It is noteworthy that this is not the first contribution of seeds from ethnic Indians. In 2017, the Doomsday Vault received a collection container of seeds from Peruvian indigenous peoples. Next in line are contributions from other Indians from both American continents.