South Korea May Launch World's First Hyperloop Trains

In the silence and ignorance of the media, back in January this year, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies entered into an agreement with the South Korean authorities to begin work on a full-scale vacuum train line. And now, almost six months later, some details of the grandiose undertaking were made public.

Firstly, the goal of the project is long-term cooperation, with the prospect of creating a new transport system that will cover the whole of South Korea. Not a single attraction, but an ordinary HyperTube Express service, a half-hour drive from Seoul to Busan instead of 3 hours as it is now. Secondly, Korean engineers will take part in the development of all the elements of the vacuum train: pipes, levitating mechanism, batteries, etc.

It is not a fact that it is the Korean vacuum train that will carry the first passenger in history, because similar projects are operating right now in Russia, Finland, Dubai and the United States. Only in the latter country they talk more about attracting investment, in the Emirates they rely on tourist attractiveness, and the Russians and Finns only asked Hyperloop Transportation Technologies to calculate the benefits of Hyperloop in their countries. The Koreans, it seems, are already seriously ready to start building a full-fledged test bench.

As noted in the Korean Institute of Civil Engineering, the country's authorities have already allocated the necessary resources for the implementation of the project. And just right to move from paper to shovel - the calculations are almost complete and the Korean "construction of the century" is about to begin.