Assembly of the first Hyperloop capsule begins in Spain

The startup Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT), together with the Spanish firm Carbures, has begun the next stage of the Hyperloop project - the construction of the first passenger capsule of a bullet train. The work should be completed early next year. Each capsule is designed to carry 26-42 passengers.

The capsule will be tested in Toulouse in reduced pressure pipes. They will move by the method of magnetic levitation at an unprecedented speed. Hyperloop trains will carry up to 164, 000 passengers daily at intervals of no more than 40 seconds at speeds in excess of 1200 km / h. The dimensions of the capsule are 30.5 x 2.7 m.

We remind you that the Hyperloop project was invented by Elon Musk and offered for implementation to everyone. Several independent startups have sprung up around the idea. For example, HTT rival Hyperloop One built a pilot site this month to test a project in the Nevada desert.