The world is gaining popularity "jackpot attack", forcing the ATM to throw away all its money

An investigation by Motherboard and the German news agency Bayerischer Rundfunk revealed a massive increase in jackpotting attacks on ATMs. It was previously believed that after a series of attacks in 2017, this loophole was closed. In fact, it turned out that banks simply hide cases of hacking ATMs in such a way as not to undermine their reputation.

The name of the technique is derived from the word "Jackpot", which means the main prize, the ability to hit a big jackpot. Using special software, hackers connect to a specific ATM and give it a sequence of commands to issue all the money from the built-in safe. After that, the ATM simply throws away all the cash accumulated inside. It remains only to substitute the bag and take the loot, which gave rise to the name of the attack.

This is far from the easiest and most convenient way to get rich. First, you need physical access to the ATM, the ability to connect to it and break basic security. Second, the process takes time, and ATMs are rarely located out of sight of security guards or surveillance cameras. Third, the method works only against outdated systems, but it turned out that there are actually many more such ATMs than bankers claim. Elementary hardware savings create vulnerabilities.

The Russian-made Cutlet Maker ATM hacking program, popular in Europe, costs about $ 1000 and is quite available on the darknet. In the US, they prefer the analogue of Ploutus.D - in the ideal case, attackers just need to insert a USB flash drive into an external port to launch an attack. Such hacking technologies threaten almost every country in the world.