An installation for cancer treatment will be created in Obninsk 10 times cheaper than foreign analogues

At the Medical Radiological Research Center in Obninsk, work is in full swing on the creation of a domestic proton accelerator intended for the treatment of cancer patients.

According to the deputy director of the center, Leonid Zhavoronkov, the Russian novelty will be more than ten times cheaper than its foreign counterparts. The cost of the complex is approximately 300 million rubles.

In the course of treatment, a malignant tumor is "bombarded" by accelerated protons. The particles acquire the greatest energy at the end of their run. Specialists from Obninsk have learned to control the energy of protons, creating a maximum in the desired area of ​​the tumor with great accuracy and in a matter of seconds.

For comparison, foreign colleagues for this have to stop the operation of the equipment and reconfigure it for half an hour for subsequent irradiation.

At the moment, Russian scientists have already mastered the irradiation of immobile organs - the head, pelvis and others, and the next step is the "mobile" organs, in particular, the lungs.

The project is already two years old. It is being implemented within the framework of a state contract with the active assistance of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. By the end of the year, it is planned to complete the installation of equipment and begin clinical trials.