An application for recording cases of human rights violations has been developed

Thanks to the rapid development of technology, smartphones have long turned into a means of photo and video shooting, the quality of which is constantly growing. Very often, their users become witnesses of human rights violations and even military crimes, which they try to capture despite the danger.

However, the footage filmed on mobile phones and smartphones does not always acquire the force of irrefutable evidence for the investigating authorities and the court, since modern computer technologies make it possible to "create" almost any desired picture. In addition, very often participants in illegal actions simply confiscate footage that compromises them.

The new EyeWitness app, available in mobile app stores, should help solve this problem. It was created with the active assistance of the International Bar Association and is intended specifically for witnesses to war atrocities.

With its help, eyewitnesses of such events can take photos and videos without fear that after that the participants in the crimes will find them while watching. Although, in fact, the record will contain detailed information about the location (GPS coordinates), time and other necessary data, which then, already in a safe place, can be "shown" and presented to law enforcement officials.