Medicines to diseased organs will be delivered by self-propelled "nano-swimmers"

It has been established that “targeted” delivery of medicines to a diseased organ significantly increases the effectiveness of treatment, especially when it comes to tumors. Today, in many countries around the world, scientists are working on the creation of such "delivery vehicles". One of them is being developed by chemists from Moscow State University.

The nanoconstructions created by them have a unique ability to move inside the body. The merit of Russian scientists lies in the fact that they came up with a "rudder" with magnetic properties, with the help of which it will soon be possible to force the nanostructures to move in the right direction.

The Russian development is a special polymetallic nanoparticles consisting of gold and rhodium. Conventionally, they can be called "nanoflovers", which move inside the body with the help of a "jet stream" of protons, resulting from the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide.

The production of nanostructures was "entrusted" to a specially created robot. The problem will be finally solved as soon as it is possible to create a system for controlling the behavior of particles.