Introduced a self-replicating 3D printer

3D printing technologies promise that one day we will be able to print products from stores in a matter of minutes without leaving our home. But what happens when printers can print themselves? Boots Industries decided to find out and developed a printer capable of printing its own components.

The printer was named BI V2.0 and is an open platform with the ability to expand its own capacity. The design of the device is made in the style of delta robots, developed back in the 1980s: three levers connected to a frame with a workspace in the middle. This arrangement enables high-precision and high-speed printing.

As already mentioned, the main feature of BI V2.0 is its self-replication capability. Since the printer can only print plastic parts, it cannot make a complete replica of itself. However, he can easily create copies of the main components, making the process of stamping his clones fast enough.

The printer is controlled by a built-in LCD controller that allows the user to manually control the printer and set finer speed or temperature settings if necessary.

Boot Industries claims that their 3d printer is fully developed, but it continues to raise funds on Kickstarter to complete the project. The basic kit is currently priced at $ 685.