"Metallic glue" can replace welding

Typically, welding or soldering is used to connect two metal parts. However, in some cases (installation of electronic circuits, repair of gas pipelines), the thermal effect is undesirable. Superglue MesoGlue, developed by specialists from Northeastern University of Boston, led by Professor Hanchen Huang, will help solve this problem.

The glue is intended for joining metal and other materials at normal room temperature. When creating it, nanotechnology was used. MesoGlue consists of microscopic nanorods with a metal core. Some of them are covered with indium, and some are covered with gallium.

A nanolayer of indium is applied to one of the glued surfaces, and gallium is applied to the other. The rods, like the hairs of two connected brushes, enter the free space and come into contact with each other.

This forms a liquid with which the indium and gallium rods react. As a result, after some time, a solid monolith is formed, providing a connection that is in no way inferior to welding or soldering.