PlayTable is the world's first blockchain gaming console

In order to draw the attention of the younger and older generations to the classic board games, Blok.Party has developed a new implementation of augmented reality. It is based on the universal playing field PlayTable, made in the form of a huge tablet with a touch screen. The blockchain-based data processing system and the mechanisms for their input-output are hidden here, but the main thing is missing - games.

No, by default the set comes with a fantasy PRG "Battlegrid", but to play through the PlayTable you need an external element. In this case, the cards of skills and spells that are placed on the playing field for activation. Alternatively, you can take a plastic figurine and attach an RFID tag to it so that the system can track the use of the real item in the virtual environment of the game. These objects acquire a name, value, they can be pumped and come to visit a friend with their heroes.

Another example: a poker game in which players are holding smartphones synchronized with PlayTable in order to see their cards and make moves in secret from the opponent, but on a common playing field. You can fight with someone else in the world, as well as make a real deal. Your RFID tagged Lego figurine in exchange for a bag of virtual gold? Easy - blockchain technology allows storing data about all game objects in the PlayTable system and guaranteeing fair interaction between them.

The first minus of the novelty: to access most of the options, you need an Internet connection, unlike the classic board game. The second - the price tag at the pre-order stage is $ 349, and by the release of the game for free sale at the end of 2018, it will rise to $ 599. Whether the entertainment is worth such costs, everyone will have to decide for themselves.