Artificial intelligence ApisProtect will protect bees from death

ApisProtect, a European startup, has announced it has entered the US market with a unique beehive monitoring system. It uses special AI-based devices that allow it to control the hives from the inside, eliminating time-consuming manual operations.

As ApisProtect studies have shown, up to 80% of manual checks on hives are practically useless and at the same time seriously disrupt the internal life of bee colonies, up to the loss of a queen. The proposed system allows beekeepers to safely identify bee diseases and pests much earlier than before. This makes it possible to increase the number of bee colonies, and in some cases even prevent its death. In particular, hornets are especially dangerous, capable of destroying an entire hive in a few hours.

The situation with bees around the world today is more than alarming. In fact, honey bees are threatened with complete extinction, with disastrous consequences for agriculture. To correct the situation for the better and artificial intelligence is called upon. With its help, the life of bees will become safer. If a device from ApistProtect, for example, detects signs of illness in the bees of the hive, it will immediately alert the beekeeper without the need for a manual inspection. He, in turn, will be able to take prompt preventive measures and warn colleagues in his region about the danger.