Airlines will advise you in advance where small children will sit on the plane

Japan Airlines is introducing a new service for its passengers - when booking tickets, the information system will prompt you on which seats passengers with small children will sit. This is done for the convenience of other clients who, when choosing a place, can see the "red" zones on the map and place themselves as far away from them as possible. The news caused a great resonance among frequently traveling people.

The logic is simple - although no one is happy about children's crying, there are people who treat it neutrally. In contrast, there are those who are annoyed by such sounds - especially in the cramped space of an aircraft for many hours. Therefore, it will be correct to allow them to move away from the source of the noise in advance, so as not to provoke a conflict already on board. And those who choose places next to the baby, knowing this, are themselves responsible for their choice.

The service is free of charge, however, it is available only when checking in for the flight through the official website of Japan Airlines; for users of other services, the location of children on the plane is not shown. In addition, under different circumstances, flight attendants can transfer passengers, so this service is not entirely a guarantee of peace. This is just a service for informing the airline's customers, and let them make the decision themselves.