Cameras will learn to peek around corners using laser and math

Imagine walking around your office trying to avoid your boss looking for you with a bunch of reports. And now you are approaching a bend in the corridor, behind which he may be. What if there was an opportunity to peer around the corner without being noticed? In the future, you will have this opportunity, thanks to a camera developed by scientists at the University of Bonn. The new camera will allow you to peek around corners without any mirrors.

The camera fires a laser beam into a wall and then analyzes the scattering of the laser light. The measurement is made at every possible point, after which a special program collects the information received into a single image. Essentially, this method turns the wall into a mirror.

Unfortunately, the possibilities of the new camera are not endless. The resulting image is not yet perfect and is only a rough outline. Nevertheless, high technologies and mathematical algorithms do not stand still, so let's hope that after some time we will still see a camera that can peep around the corner at least with standard resolution.