In the "Expensive Chat" online chat, users pay for each typed character

Developer and experimenter Mark Kelbrügge has launched Expensive Chat with an extremely unusual feature. Here, the publication of each symbol costs 1 cent, and the money is real, not virtual. Various types of bank cards are accepted for payment, and the main idea is: how will people communicate if each letter turns into real costs for them?

To spur user interest, Mark has added a Leaderboard by Spend Leaderboard as well as a few unofficial features. For example, users quickly realized that the characters in the links attached to the test are not counted in the calculation. This allowed them to compose messages of impressive size with minimal cost, and an informative message from a single symbol was recognized as the best.

As expected, the leaders soon turned out to be those who can afford to waste money, from ordinary hype lovers to advertising agencies that directly published their texts - the service was paid for. Mark himself spoke on this matter that "The rich and influential, as always, control the information, " and invited famous people to create thematic branches of a paid chat. For example, a chat with Kanye West for $ 10 per word, the money from which will go to charity.

In an interview with the media, Kelbrügge said that he hoped to see the self-organization of people, the manifestation of healthy criticism. When everyone speaks laconically, weighing words and carefully measuring out the paid letters, and those who throw pseudo-arguments and try to shout more and louder than anyone else are boycotted as paid agents. It didn't work out, but Mark is not upset - after all, in a few days of the project's work, he has already earned $ 150 on it. This refers to the question of who would even want to pay to just say something to the whole world.