Five deadliest viruses on the planet brought to Japan in preparation for Olympic Games 2020

The National Institute of Infectious Diseases of the Ministry of Health of Japan officially and for the first time in history brought to this country live and active samples of viruses from five of the most infectious and deadly diseases in the world. This is done so that Japanese scientists, doctors and rescuers have time to study them and prepare for a potential epidemic. Indeed, next summer, millions of people from all over the world will come to the Tokyo Olympics - the authorities want to prepare for this event.

In addition to the Ebola virus, the virus of Crimean-Congolese hemorrhagic fever, South American hemorrhagic fever, Marburg fever and Lassa fever were delivered to Japan. Masayuki Saijo, director of the institute, called it "a momentous event." Never before have Japanese scientists studied these viruses at home, using all the technologies they have.

The authorities fully approve of the initiative, but the locals are in disarray. Highly lethal biohazard level 4 pathogens have been transported to the 13 millionth Tokyo region of Musashimurayama. They are separated from city streets, figuratively speaking, only by laboratory safety protocols. In theory, the danger of contamination of the local population is reduced to zero, but this is little consolation for Musashimurayama residents.