Scientists warn: digital amnesia impairs human memory

Recently, scientists have noted with concern: people prefer not to burden their memory with the information that is in the memory of their mobile device. This includes, in particular, the phone numbers of business partners, close friends and even family members.

This problem is called "digital amnesia" - the sad result of the "unloading" of our brain. Studies show that up to 90% of Americans are forced to admit their dependence on the Internet, mobile phones and tablets as sources of information storage.

Chris Doggett, Managing Director of Kaspersky Lab North America, admits frankly:

“Electronic devices enrich our lives on the one hand, but they also cause digital amnesia with long-term consequences. We must very carefully store in our memory valuable information and invaluable memories. "

And here are some more alarming numbers. 44% of participants in a survey conducted by Kaspersky Lab confirmed that almost all the information they need is in their smartphones, and as a result, for the majority of respondents, the loss of a smartphone creates big problems.