Clarkson's cloud lights began to fly for real

Down with wires - magnetic levitation comes into play! Brooklyn-based designer Richard Clarkson has released the "Floating Cloud" model, which is the most similar to a real cloud. Unless it splashes with rain and does not circle around the room, because this is still a lamp, not a toy.

Back in 2014, the designer showed an "interactive thundercloud" - an accessory for a room in the form of a pile of clouds. He knew how to realistically rattle, illuminate from the inside with the light of "lightning", had motion sensors to frighten guests or delight the hosts with an unexpected effect. Plus Bluetooth speakers for playing your favorite music and light source function.

Several versions of the clouds were created, but they all received energy from the outside and the presence of wires spoiled the whole illusion. Therefore, the next principle model, Making Weather, used the principle of magnetic levitation to float in the air. Much better, but something is missing for the complete image. It has been implemented in the new Floating Cloud model.

Firstly, the designer threw out the speakers from the cloud - they are too heavy and quickly drain the battery when working. Secondly, I increased the battery capacity to 6000 mAh, and brought the flight altitude up to 70 mm above the stand. Thirdly, the functionality of the luminaire is now reduced only to the creation of four types of illumination, as a reaction to the voice and noises in the room. In short, nothing more.

The clouds themselves are made by hand, from hypoallergenic polyester fiber. The price bites - $ 4, 620 apiece, because you are buying a designer accessory, not a mass product. We can say that these flying clouds are closer to works of art than to utilitarian design elements. And at the same time - a demonstration of modern technologies.