Ford develops e-cycle jacket with emoticons

Designworks has developed a new type of equipment for cyclists for Ford. It was created within the framework of the concept "Divide the road between all" and should help road users to establish more constructive relationships in a single space of the road. In particular, make it clear to car drivers what people on bicycles are thinking about and what they are going to do.

The centerpiece of Ford's new cycling jacket is a segmented LED panel on the back that is split into pixel sections. With their help, you can draw a series of bright patterns that are clearly visible to those who are driving from behind. This includes the typical direction indicators, a caution sign and, most interestingly, a few emoticons. Smiling, neutral and angry, done in a classic style to avoid misinterpretation.

Which pattern to include on his back is determined by the cyclist himself, using a simple control panel on the handlebars. If there are no questions about turning signs, then emoticons cause some bewilderment. Emoji expert Dr. Neil Cohn explains that emojis have become an integral part of today's information system. It's a quick way to clarify details, add emotion to your message, and alert others.

In the case of a cycling jacket, an evil smiley will tell you that the owner is not in a good mood, and if he makes strange maneuvers, then it is better to increase the distance. If something goes wrong, a caution sign will warn about it, and when it changes to a smiling emoticon, it will become clear that the difficult moment has passed. Every year, because of misunderstandings between road users, 2, 000 cyclists are killed in Europe alone - and any remedy to correct this situation can only be welcomed.