Study Proves Pet Owners Tolerate Self-Isolation Better

Scientists at the University of York (UK) said that the presence of pets has a beneficial effect on the psychological state of people in conditions of forced self-isolation due to the pandemic.

In the course of the study, about 6, 000 Britons were interviewed, among whom the absolute majority - about 90% - turned out to be pet owners. The survey showed that they were the ones who reported better tolerance of forced loneliness and showed a higher level of psychological well-being compared to those who did not have pets nearby.

At first, cats, dogs and horses were in the lead in terms of more comfortable communication, but gradually everything changed under the influence of other factors - in particular, according to scientists, under the influence of the so-called “social buffering”.

In accordance with this hypothesis, the presence of the living creature itself is much more important for a person than its specific type. As a result, for a mentally healthy person in conditions of self-isolation, it does not really matter who is next to him - a horse, a dog, a guinea pig or an exotic reptile, but their presence has a positive effect on his mental balance.