This video will forever change the way you think about time.

Business Insider, one of the world's leading news portals, made a three-minute video that depicted the Earth's timeline as a journey from Los Angeles to New York.

So, the beginning of the journey is 4.54 billion years ago, when the Earth was formed from the accumulation of gases and stardust. After some time, a significant event occurs - a giant cosmic body crashes into the still not cooled Earth, as a result of which the breakaway part becomes its satellite - the Moon.

Further, the route runs through the mountains of Arizona, formed about 3.95 billion years ago. A few more kilometers to the east and we are at the mark of 3, 8 billion years. This is where the first evidence of life in the form of replicating molecules emerges.

The next "stop" Kansas - 2, 7 billion years ago. Oxygen-producing cyanobacteria appeared on Earth. It took the next 200 million years for the atmosphere of our planet to accumulate sufficient reserves of this most important gas.

Halfway through, we reach Pennsylvania. We are separated from it "only" by 660 million years. Life is developing rapidly: the Earth is covered with vegetation, amphibians are evolving. Unusual time travel is coming to an end - to the point "Now". By the time the dinosaurs become extinct, we finally reach the outskirts of New York.

And where is the most important thing - people? To find out, you need to carve out three minutes and watch the entire video.