Developed a solar panel capable of emitting light

Typically, the material used to convert sunlight into energy does not itself emit light. However, scientists have managed to find a substance that can do this. This means that in the future there will be displays for smartphones and tablets that can not only display an image, but also generate energy from sunlight.

Developed by scientists at Nanyang University of Technology in Singapore, the new solar cell is made from perovskite material, which not only glows when electricity passes through it, but can also reproduce a variety of colors.

The discovery was made almost by accident when physicist Sum Zi Chin asked one of his assistants to shine a laser on a sample of perovskite. Since most solar cell materials absorb light well, the researchers were very surprised when perovskite glowed brightly.

The researchers believe their discovery is essential for the development of low-cost, high-efficiency solar cells in the future. Potential applications for the new panels include advertisements that store energy during the day and glow brightly at night, or any flat-screen mobile device.