Fitness tracker Lumen promises to hack and optimize your metabolism

Two years ago, users considered the wellness startup Lumen so promising that they raised more than $ 2.3 million for it on Indiegogo. The time has come, and the device goes on sale for $ 299 per copy. Includes a gas analyzer, charger and smartphone app. Lumen requires no consumables to operate and can operate on a single charge for up to two weeks.

The principle of operation of Lumen is based on the analysis of CO 2 in the user's exhalation, from which it is possible to extract information on what and how much the body has consumed recently. Whether he was burning carbohydrates or undertook to process fats, how much energy was released, etc. On the basis of this, the current index of "metabolic flexibility" of a particular person is formed - the ability of his body to rationally switch between energy sources, depending on the tasks that arise. The goal of all Lumen users is to increase this parameter, bringing the indicators to the recommended values.

Lumen is an individual device, by analogy with a toothbrush, so before work you need to set up your copy for at least a day. The gadget will force you to take different foods in order to study the processing of different substances by your body, and will require you to perform a series of exercises. After a personal profile is drawn up, bottlenecks are identified and recommendations are made. All that remains is to train and follow a diet, tracking your performance using the device.

Testers noted Lumen's quick reaction to changes in the body - for example, unlike weighing, here any shift is visible within minutes after eating or exercising. For example, the device will tell you if you have enough strength for the planned set of exercises or if you need to eat a little more of something high in calories. The gadget is originally made in a mobile version, comes with a carrying bag and is suitable for use both in the gym and at home.