Alloy created as strong as steel and light as titanium

Scientists from South Korea have created a new material that has the strength of steel and the lightness of a titanium alloy. This was achieved by changing the composition of the metal alloy at the nanoscale.

Scientists from Pohang University of Science and Technology have developed a unique new material. It is an amalgam alloy of steel, aluminum, carbon, manganese and nickel. In addition to being as strong as steel and as light as titanium, the new material promises to be inexpensive and readily available as it uses common minerals to make it. Moreover, it can solve the age-old problem of brittle intermetallic alloys.

While the development is at the research stage and scientists do not spread about plans for the future. Therefore, it is not yet known whether this material will go beyond the framework of experimental and industrial tests. But we must admit that its use can open up a lot of opportunities for manufacturers.