Bionic Lenses Provide Perfect Vision At Any Distance

Canadian company Ocumetics Technology Corporation (OCC) has begun testing a prototype artificial eye lens. It will be installed instead of the natural lens, which is responsible for the ability to focus the gaze on distant and near objects. It won't solve all vision problems, but it will provide incredible new possibilities!

The OSS Bionic Lens technology is not disclosed in detail, it is a trade secret, after all. However, it is already known that a man-made lens can be inserted into a living eye using the same tools and techniques used in cataract surgery. And this operation is not in vain called "the most widespread and successful" in ophthalmology - the risk for the first volunteers who wished to get artificial eyes is minimal.

The hand-made lens does not break, is resistant to microbes and toxins, but most importantly, it always performs the function of focusing the gaze with perfect accuracy. A person not only does not have to squint, he will retain perfect vision in any situation for decades. And even more, because the artificial lens can be adjusted to an alternative mode, for example, getting "eagle vigilance".

An additional bonus - being a synthetic object, the lens can become a platform for placing microelectronics. For example, sensors for capturing a picture and transmitting it to a smartphone or directly into the bionic eye of another person. Alas, such a device is not able to restore vision to the blind, to help with damage to the optic nerves and other diseases. It is not yet possible to speak about the complete replacement of living eyes with artificial ones, but work in this direction is progressing at a rapid pace.