Scrubba Mini - the smallest washing machine in the world

A few years after the world saw Scrubba, the world's smallest working washing machine, the same team released a new version. The new Scrubba Mini weighs half the weight of the old one, at just 70 grams. But at the same time it is stronger than its predecessor, more reliable, and when folded it can be easily placed on an open palm.

The Scrubba Mini is a collapsible nylon container with a polyester coating. A flexible washing board with protrusions is mounted inside it. It is enough to add water, add detergent and put things for washing. Now the machine closes and is exposed to mechanical stress from the outside - you can throw it, squeeze it, shake it.

The more active the user is, the faster the item will be cleared of dirt. The developers claim that the method is twice as fast as a regular hand wash - three minutes of exercise is enough to wash most things. It remains only to drain the water and hang the washed to dry.

The Scrubba Mini camping washing machine costs $ 35 for the option in the minimum configuration. Deliveries are scheduled for August this year.