Bio-bed from Nanox will replace bulky X-ray machines

Israeli startup Nanox made a presentation for the Radiological Society of North America, which showed the technology of "scanning biobeds". The idea and design are inspired by the Star Trek TV series - this is a medical bed that allows you to quickly scan the internal organs of a patient. The bed works by analogy with x-rays, but faster, more reliable and more accurate, although not all experts agree with this.

During the presentation, several fragments of a ram carcass, medical mannequins were passed through the device, and the founder of the project, Ren Polyakin, personally lay on the bed. Scientists and doctors watched remotely as the device scans objects and builds their three-dimensional digital model literally within a minute. According to Polyakin, the system simultaneously takes X-rays and performs computed tomography.

The emergence of such a scanner was made possible by Sony, which launched the Field Emission Display project in 1998. It was intended to develop the MEMS chip, which was supposed to replace the outdated electron beam gun in the screens. Sony invested $ 1 billion in the project, but only succeeded in creating a board with millions of tiny electron guns. Realizing that LED technology was losing the competition, Sony sold the developments to businessman Hitoshi Matsuya, who hired Polyakin to use them for medical imaging.

Thanks to MEMS, engineers were able to replace the "hot" cathodes of traditional X-ray machines with a "cold" version, which significantly increased their durability. Plus it made it possible to form a high-definition image immediately in digital form. Nanox is confident that they are on the verge of a revolution, and therefore they are not going to sell their bio beds. Instead, the company offers a rental model with payment not for the use of the equipment itself, but for each scan session - $ 14, which also gives access to special AI for analyzing images.