Russia will produce cheap synthetic oil

A group of scientists from the Russian Research Institute for Oil Refining is participating in the ambitious project. The components of synthetic oil are shale and refinery waste. The result is an inexpensive, highly environmentally friendly and energy-intensive product.

Attempts to create artificial oil have already been made in Germany in the 1920s and 1940s, and in South Africa, more than 200 thousand barrels of synthetic oil per day are currently produced at the SASOL enterprises.

Synthetic oil production takes place in several stages. First, the emulsion, which is a mixture of water and tar, is mixed with crushed shale. This solution, heated to a certain temperature, is pumped into a special unit, where an oxidizing agent is supplied. There, not completely burning, the resulting mixture gives off gas. After cleaning it from various harmful compounds and a series of chemical processes, gas is synthesized.

In order for the resulting gas to finally become synthetic oil, it is passed through a system of industrial plants, where a complex technological process ends with the formation of synthetic oil.

According to one of the project managers, Lyudmila Gulyaeva, despite the complexity of this technology, its advantages are quite obvious. First, there is no shortage of raw materials - oil refining waste. And, secondly, as a result - the low cost of the produced synthetic oil (about $ 30 per barrel) of excellent quality, commensurate with light Norwegian oil.