Massive Attack music album, previously coded in DNA, now released as a spray

When science enters into symbiosis with creativity, amazing things are born. Earlier this year, British music group Massive Attack re-recorded their classic album "Mezzanine" in DNA molecule format. And now these molecules will be distributed around the world in the form of spray paint.

Scientists from the Swiss Higher Technical School of Zurich were responsible for the technological part. They developed a process to encapsulate DNA in 150 nanometer spheres of silicon to protect them from the environment. Then the spheres were added to the paint at the rate of 0.1 micrograms per typical spray can, which guarantees that it contains at least 1 million copies of the album. All thanks to the incredible capacity of DNA "memory", about 100 exabytes per gram of substance.

To record music in DNA, it was pre-digitized and received a sequence of zeros and ones. Then it was rewritten in the form of combinations of four basic nitrogenous bases in DNA, fragments of 105 characters, getting 901, 065 chains at the output. It remains only to synthesize a copy of this sequence, and in the hands of scientists a part of the DNA molecule with recorded music appeared. Deciphering it is not a simple matter, even if you know all the subtleties, but this is not the main thing.

It is not known how many Mezzanine cans will be created, how they will be distributed and where they will be used. According to the authors of the idea, all this is secondary, and the main goal is to test the possibility of implementing this method of transferring information. It is possible that the spray will become a kind of artifact, and with its help they will create some messages for descendants or alien civilizations. Finding microspheres with synthetic DNA in paint, in which not the code of a mysterious life form is written at all, but music, this is an almost ready plot for a science fiction series.