ANTI A1 soft ski cap turns into a helmet on impact

Despite the danger of severe head injury, many skiing enthusiasts prefer to wear regular wool hats instead of protective helmets.

The A1 headgear, designed by experts and students at the Australian University of Technology Queensland, solves this dilemma. The soft hat on the inside is 70-90% merino wool, and the top is made of durable, moisture-absorbing and non-allergenic acrylic, durable and resistant to washing.

Between these layers there is a mixture of so-called non-Newtonian fluids, consisting of particles, which in a calm state calmly move relative to each other and instantly adhere (harden) under a sharp mechanical impact.

The creators of the unusual ski hat intend to put A1 on Kickstarter from January 14, where anyone can purchase it for $ 116. In the future, the developers plan to use their technology in the production of protective equipment for extreme sports enthusiasts.