The first VR exhibition of the Louvre will revive the La Gioconda da Vinci

In the Parisian Louvre opened a new exhibition dedicated to the work of Leonardo da Vinci, who passed away 500 years ago. In addition to paintings, drawings, sculptures and other exhibits associated with his name, this exhibition has another notable feature. For the first time, it will use a virtual reality system, with the help of which visitors will be able to see Da Vinci's most famous painting - La Gioconda - from an unusual digital perspective.

In 2018, it was watched by 10 million visitors to the Louvre. However, such a massive pilgrimage has its drawbacks: the picture itself is in a special durable glass-steel case, and the time for viewing it is strictly limited. But thanks to the Beyond The Glass project, the immortal creation of the great artist will become closer and more accessible.

Beyond The Glass is a collaboration between HTC Vive and Arts Emmisive VR. With the help of the HTC Vive headset, the viewer finds himself face to face with the picture. Before him are revealed the smallest details of the canvas, invisible to the naked eye, and the technique of writing it. Mona Lisa, thanks to VR technology, seems to come to life.

Those who cannot visit the Louvre and see the exhibition in person will have access to its extended home version via Viveport. The exposition will run until February 24.