The Emergency Stop mini-game will check your driving age

If you are driving and want to test your reaction in unforeseen situations, then you should check out the new mini-game called "Emergency Stop".

The game was made by the London-based startup, which offers parking reservations. The essence of the game is very simple: you need to sit behind a virtual steering wheel and start "moving". During the game, when a stop sign appears on the screen, it is necessary to make an "emergency stop" as soon as possible by pressing any key.

After evaluating the reaction, the computer determines what approximately age it corresponds to. Results are based on surveys of 2, 000 game participants aged 18 and over.

So, for example, the average reaction of drivers is 10% faster than that of non-drivers. Those who slept 8 hours before the game turned out to be 522 milliseconds faster than those who did not get enough sleep.

The fastest reaction was demonstrated by drivers with 1-2 years of experience. Those who get behind the wheel at least once a week respond better than their counterparts with less traffic. Poor reactions in those drinking 31 to 41 units of alcohol per week, however, tea and coffee drinkers in this sense look more preferable compared to those who avoid caffeine (ratio of 487 to 538 ms).

The reaction of male drivers is better than that of the fair sex - 547 and 566 ms, respectively. And in the "confrontation" between left-handers and right-handers, left-handers won "with a score" - 461: 525 ms.

Link to the game.