Far Out will determine your exact location in the future

Sometimes we think about what the future holds and where we will be in a few years. Soon, to find out, you don't have to run to fortune-tellers, it will be enough to have an Internet connection and a device with a GPS receiver.

Developers from Google and Microsoft Adam Sandilek and John Krumm have developed a program Far Out, which, it is claimed, will be able to determine the user's location with maximum accuracy in a few years. “Predictions” will be created based on the analysis of the user's daily movements, provided that he uses GPS.

The developers have already conducted testing in which 703 volunteers from Seattle took part. During the trials, lasting three months, they managed to collect data on the movements of participants in 150 million different locations.

Sadilek and Krumm point out that in general most users are predictable and it is very easy for the program to determine their likely location after a certain time. It is noted that when making a forecast, Far Out uses a non-parametrized method and takes into account changes that can occur in a person's life, be it a wedding or a change of job.

The timing of the launch of the program has not yet been specified.