MusicGlove Musical Gloves Help Stroke People

According to statistics, every year almost 800 thousand people become victims of stroke - the cause of long-term disability, which can be overcome only with the help of long-term rehabilitation.

Nitzan Friedman, the founder of Flint Rehabilitation Devices, noticed that many patients after being discharged, for various reasons, stop performing the rehabilitation exercises recommended by the doctor. He proposed to solve this problem with the help of a portable electronic device MusicGlove.

The device is made in the form of a glove equipped with tiny sensors. With its help, patients were able to restore fine motor skills of the hands. The sensors track finger movements that simulate guitar playing, just like playing Guitar Hero. The correctness or incorrectness of actions can be immediately followed on the tablet screen.

Playing the guitar, albeit a virtual one, motivates the patient much more than the usual monotonous physical exercises. The invention was co-authored by Friedman's colleagues - University of California professors Mark Bachman and David Reikensmeier, experts in the field of robotics and electronic sensors.

The version they created is a set consisting of a glove and an electronic tablet with MusicGlove software.