Why does your cat need a tablet

Once upon a time, an ordinary ball of woolen thread was enough for a domestic cat to frolic. Nobody expected that in the 21st century our smaller brothers, like us, will begin to master digital technologies with their inherent spontaneity and interest. If a kitten has settled in your house and, in addition, an old but serviceable tablet is lying around, then you should know that there is no better toy for it.

Renowned pet food manufacturer Friskies has been actively developing digital cat games recently. Among them are Cat Fishing, Jitterbug and Pull'n'Play. The main goal of these games is to get the cat or cat to chase after a moving object on the screen.

According to the company, its games are very popular, as evidenced by over 2.7 million downloads, or an average of about 20, 000 per week on iTunes. On the other hand, YouTube boasts 12, 000 views of videos of cats playing computer games.

Not forgotten and dogs, not distinguished by special "computer" playfulness. For them, the game Go-Go Dog Pal was developed, which is a remote-controlled toy on wheels in the form of a running raccoon, skunk or marmot, which the dog is trying to catch up with. If the owner wants the dog not to get bored even in his absence, then he can set the program to automatically restart.

The latest canine innovations include a pedometer in case your four-legged friend is on a hike, and a strap for a GoPro camera that attaches to your dog for extraordinary video recordings.