The Great Pyramid of Giza has not yet revealed all its secrets

In recent years, in the largest pyramid of Egypt, whose age is estimated at 4500 years, it would seem that there are no places left where researchers have not penetrated. However, thanks to the technology of scanning by the method of muon radiography, they were able to find previously unknown cavities inside this ancient structure.

The cavities in question can be located in the northern part of the pyramid, and in conjunction with other chambers, they are perceived as a single passage to the northeastern part of the pyramid. However, no one can say for sure.

After the press release was published over the weekend, archaeologists questioned their existence even more. The oversight committee asked to continue scanning throughout the year to further examine the cavities.

Pyramid archaeologists have recently been extremely cautious in drawing conclusions about new discoveries. The reason for this was the message about the discovery of the tomb of Queen Nefertiti, which turned out to be false due to serious friction between scientists and the Egyptian government.

Scientists hope that the situation with unexplored cavities will clear up by the end of October. In the meantime, they remain the unsolved secret of the Great Pyramid.