Announced the cost of the modular smartphone Project Ara

Back in October last year, Motorola showed off a modular smartphone project. After the company was bought by Lenovo, its former owner, the Internet giant Google, took over the development of the project.

Google not only promised that the project Project Ara will be officially presented at the next development conference, but also declassified some details of the unique project. It is known that Ara will be the basis of a smartphone, its exoskeleton, to which the user will be able to connect the required components at his own discretion - from the camera to the processor and RAM.

Paul Eremenko, head of the Ara project, said that the cost of the device in the basic configuration will be only 50 US dollars. True, for this money, the user will receive only a "skeleton" of a smartphone, a touchscreen display and a Wi-Fi wireless communication module. All other components will have to be purchased at an additional cost. To combine them, special magnetic and mechanical fasteners will be used.

Unfortunately, this is all there is to know about the mysterious Ara smartphone. Google was only reassuring that it would be on sale in the foreseeable future.